Best Value HDD in Europe right now for USB3 4TB 8 TB

For photographers and filmmakers or those of you who just take way to many mobile phone pics Seagate 8TB drives come at an awesome value at Amazon right now.

I shop from right now it’s 150 plus Vat and if you have an Amazon biz account off course the VAT is also not charged on the purchase.

Shipping is low at a couple of Euros and usually shows up after around 3-4 days.


I shopped three already


Get yours here






Why I use Capture One Pro Instead of Lightroom

Lightroom VS Capture One Pro 11

The Short Answer is, Capture One Pro is far Better.

Being a producer and photographer at Moi Ostrov Studios  I had the opportunity to work with several international pro photographers and I am a firm believer of not reinventing the wheel, so that being said, seeing all proes that passed through Cyprus using capture one got me curious, at the first attempt I found my Adobe experience of 16+years challenged by the new interface and I left it. After I started to shoot more and more I noticed I spent days and really dreaded doing image selection lightroom as it was just taking to long, I gave Capture One Pro another try and watched a couple of tutorials. Once I gave it a good hour I realized the features are much more powerful and suited to professional photogrpahy, at the time I was shooting with a Nikon D750 so the difference in speed was an improvement but it wasnt until I upgraded to the D850 I noticed the real difference, the D850 with its 47 or 45 effective MP in 14 bit lossless compression or uncompressed are reaching up to 90 MB a shot. I mainly shoot medium raw but in both cases, capture just goes through them supersmooth. Except for speed its also color, color handling and masks working directly on your raw files, structure tool, a much nicer looking clairity plus great film feel (cinematic) style presets are some of the other things love about Capture, being mainly a commercial producer and photographer for me each project is a separate event and I dont like gathering all the mertials in one big catalogue, Caoture let’s you shoot both catalogues and sessions. Sessions are much more portable and have the whole folder structure from captured raws to preview selection files in one place. Get the trial version on Capture One’s site and when you are ready to upgrade and make you life easier, use my code to save 10% on capture. Capture One Pro 11 Discount Code AMBPAPACOSTA